Volcanic activity – how to get rid of acne once and for all

These old friends are you totally happy, but in spring they are especially for you in a hurry. Why acne is “Spring Fever” and how to deal with them?
The sun began to bake and to your great regret not only bloom in spring flowers, but you hated acne.

Doctors believe that acne (or acne) – is a clear change in the state of your health. In other words, acne – a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands, mainly the face, back and chest. Faced with the problem of acne most teenagers around the world. We call the main reasons for this:

• The hormone testosterone is one of the most major causes of acne in adolescents. If you’re a teenager, acne is reflected occurring in your body hormonal changes. Hormones alter the composition of sebum, turning it from a liquid to a dense and viscous. Consequently, the ducts are formed in the skin sebaceous plugs – comedones affecting the output of sebum out.
• propionic acne bacteria and Demodex mites are tiny hypodermic. These microorganisms live on the skin in 60% of healthy people. However, when hormonal changes and reduced immunity, they become active and their metabolic products cause irritation and inflammation of the skin that is acne.
• Menstruation. The level of steroid hormones is increased in the last phase of the menstrual cycle, so most women have acne is associated with menstruation. Even your friends will not suffer from acne, can be seen on his face, or a couple of pimples before menstruation. This is – a manifestation of female hormonal system. If you are often worried about pimples around the mouth and chin, then you should go to a gynecologist. It is possible that the treatment of acne should start by checking it with the doctor.
• Spring Fever. After a long winter, your body is weakened due to lack of sun, a long stay indoors, as a rule, sedentary lifestyles and high-calorie meals. The immunity is reduced, and acne right there. How do deal with them? How to provide proper care for problem skin? Where to start treatment for acne?

Treatment of acne appearing on your skin should start from the beginning of their appearance. Thus, rules of conduct during the spring exacerbation:
A. In addition to basic skin care that includes cleansing and moisturizing, it is important to comply with additional hygiene. Caring for problem skin – is, first of all, clean and orderly with respect to their skin. Replace disposable towel napkins. If you want to cover up a pimple – use only antiseptics, they are usually in the form of pencils. Under no circumstances should not squeeze pimples nails, your pores may become wide gate for infection. The solution to this problem of trust cosmetologist. In no case do not use expired or poor quality cosmetics. At least once a week wipe cloth computer keyboard and your mobile phone. Carry out an audit in your purse – regularly change or wash with soap and sponges and brushes. Try to wash no more than 2 times a day – too frequent washing may reduce the protective barrier of the skin. By hand is not the case. On the contrary, with dirty hands touching the face, you provotsiruesh acne. In short, the acne treatment will not work without following the basic rules of hygiene.
Lead an active life: in sports, preferably outdoors. Then your metabolism will improve and the skin cells will be filled with oxygen and other useful items inside. Also sports will help you overcome stress and unnecessary anxiety, which are the indirect cause of acne.
Eat fully and correctly – avoid fast food, try to minimize the use of sharp and sweet foods. Do not overeat, but do not get carried away hunger strikes.
As for the cosmetic line for face care Talk to your beautician. Try to choose nekomedonogennye funds.
Five. If you think you can be called an expert on skin care, but the pimples and blackheads are still thy companions, which means it’s time to visit a dermatologist, as do the usual beauty salon you will most likely be insufficient. Caring for skin problems should be discussed with several experts.

In the spring so want to tan more quickly to your face and body look more attractive. But do not rush to escape to a sun deck, since large doses of UV light contribute to the emergence of acne, weakening the immune system, increasing the production of sebum and stratum corneum thickening. Better to use tanning.
In the summer try to go to the sea and soak your body treatment with sea water. So, you’re a long time to strengthen the immune system, which has a positive impact on your skin. Limit their time in the sun, and play the UV protection. Choose a sunscreen with a nekomedonogennymi properties. Usually they are represented in lines of skin care products.
* Nekomedonogennye (from Lat. Noncomedonogenic) – does not block pores and cause acne formation.
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Tools slow hair growth

By doing so want to depilation to the time stood still, and the pesky hairs left, finally at rest. I want the skin to remain smooth as long as possible. But this is only our desires. And maybe there are tools that slow down hair growth?

Why do we need a means to slow down hair growth
If you shave with the machine, then after a one – three days on the skin appear ugly stubble. Having made shugaring or depilation in the cabin, for example, wax, you forget about unpleasant hairs, on average, about two weeks. The effect of the use elektroepilyatorom also prolonged – one to two weeks.
Cream, epilators
You can try using a cream, epilators, which weaken the hair follicles. In order to achieve greater effect, the cream should be applied in this way. First you need to get rid of the hair by applying wax strip, and then immediately apply moisturizer. As a result, the follicles become weaker, so the rate of hair growth slows.
Hair becomes more colorless, and hence – invisible. These creams are also called means of inhibitors. They have in their composition of natural ingredients such as soy milk, walnuts, etc. When choosing a cream that slows hair growth should pay attention to the presence of a nutrient moisturizing ingredients that soften the skin and prevent the occurrence of skin irritation.
While applying the cream, you will feel a little itchy, nothing wrong with that, it means that the cream, “took up his case.”
Folk remedies that slow down hair growth
Funds slowing down hair growth can be replaced, and folk remedies.
Number 1, for example, effective for such purposes is a mixture of 1,5 iodine, 40 g of alcohol, 5 g of castor oil. This composition is applied to cotton wool and treated areas of skin 2 times a day and evening sutra.
You can use the number 2 and so the recipe. For him the need of Indian spices – turmeric, which is popular with Eastern women in order to decrease on the body of unwanted vegetation.
Pour a small amount of turmeric powder with warm water so as to obtain a creamy mass.
It is applied to the skin from which hair was removed, and cover with cling film. Apart from the fact that turmeric slows hair growth, it has also anti-inflammatory properties.
Number 3 Once you have removed the hair, every day should be applied to the skin the juice of green grapes. It is advisable to use the grapes.
Number 4 Prepare the juice from the root of hyacinth, after a sore place it on the grater. Put it on your skin every day.
Unfortunately, industrial and folk remedies that slow down hair growth, help is not everything. Will it for you? You do not know, do not try them for yourself!
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Headache Without Medication

Just add water against a headache
“When the headache, the first thing I do – drink a large glass of water in one gulp, suggesting in his dehydration. Further regulating the working back chair because the pain may be caused by improper spinal position. ”
Deep breath against headache
“When I feel like a headache,” creeping “on the forehead, as a result of nasal congestion, I take a towel, dip it in hot water, and then podnoshu to your nose and breathe in hot steam. This helps ease the pressure of mucus and reduce pain. ”
Complete relaxation against headache
“I have a headache – tension headache is so crucial in the fight against it is relaxing. I try to rest for 20 minutes in silence. If the pain is found in the workplace, take painkillers and drink coffee – so the drug is faster. ”
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Depression: Chemical Physics of the body and soul

March – the longest month of the year. We are waiting the spring, and she seems to have forgotten about us. Day is short, a little sun, the streets dirty and gray, in short, the winter dragged on – and close to depression. Imbalance composure notice not all think that just tired. Meanwhile, the physical symptoms can specify the: you are wrong. Read this article may, in time the measures will help you to meet in April at the very high spirits.

Pay attention to the quality of sleep. About depression can speak as insomnia or frequent waking during the night and sleep too long, then you still feel frustrated and tired.

Periodic chest pain can be a symptom of heart failure, it is easy to check, having the necessary studies and exclude any serious causes of ill health. However, chest pain, and may indicate that you are depressed. If this symptom is accompanied by shortness of breath, shortness of breath, choking sensation – it’s time to take action and contact a specialist. But such an unpleasant moment as panic attacks, you can exclude yourself, passing our test.

Lethargy, lack of strength to perform the most simple daily tasks, even when you have a lot of rest and sleep – it is a sign of depression. Studies show that people who suffer from depression, the chances of development of the “unexplained fatigue” is four times higher. And some scientists believe that depression and fatigue feed off each other. Together, they are comfortable, but comfortable to you? Pay attention to this symptom!

Another inseparable pair: muscle pain / joint pain and depression. The relationship on the surface: Chronic pain can cause long-term depression, and depression itself can lead to chronic pain. People who reside in the doldrums, the chances increase threefold. When the “hurts the soul,” our brains (and this is proven) sends a message of the body: Pain!

Depression is also accompanied and problems with digestion. Abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, constipation – these frequent signs that violated your peace of mind, and the problem is not in the gastrointestinal tract. That, surely, has confirmed your doctor if you have already applied to it.

People with depression often complain of headaches and migraines. One study showed that these patients the likelihood of migraine is increased threefold. And vice versa – migraine, five times to increase their chances of depression. Another argument in favor of the fact that it is time to turn to the experts, most will not work.

Changes in weight, appetite disturbance. Some people lose their appetite when they feel depressed, others can not stop eating, saying it makes their state of disappointment or grief. The result – a loss of energy, and this is true for those who lose weight rapidly, and for those who are quickly gaining him. In women, the relationship between depression and anorexia or bulimia is particularly strong.

And what about men? Please note that if your partner has become very irritable and even aggressive, it could be depression. He does not think so? Grab the handle and drive to a specialist, there is reason, and with it comes and relief.

If you have frequent back pain, the last thing you think about what could be the cause of depression. Nevertheless, we have shown that these diseases are also closely related.

Depression can cause you to lose interest in life in everything, including for sex. In an attempt to stifle the emotional pain, many people go to the most simple and “proven” way: alcohol, drugs, medications, side effects that they do not even know because they have appointed themselves. All of these “antidepressants” may reduce sexual desire.

If you read this article and found myself in some physical manifestation of symptoms of depression, it’s time to take action. Of course, it is best to turn to doctors, psychologists, understand what is happening and to understand themselves. But most of all, now you call a bunch of reasons not to do this will become. Remember: self will not work. So, even though most try to be outdoors, provides a physical activity (preferably three times a week), make a choice in favor of a healthy diet, start taking vitamins. Well, we sure next time to tell you about the products that will help you feel better and get rid of depression!
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Brewer’s Yeast for Health and Beauty

Brewer’s yeast used since ancient times in folk medicine. To this day they are used in the treatment of a variety of diseases.
It is proved that the yeast is well absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and cause bloating or disorders of the intestines. Brewer’s yeast is a very positive impact on the entire body.
How useful brewer’s yeast?
Their use improves the secretory activity of the stomach.
Noted their beneficial effect in chronic enterocolitis.
They are used successfully to treat patients with low acidity of gastric juice.
The maximum effect of brewer’s yeast usually occurs 45-60 minutes after taking them. They effectively stimulate the secretory function of the stomach, even stronger than milk, rye bread, meat broth and cooked meat.
Using yeast as a remedy, it is recommended to take them for 30-35 minutes before a meal and take in a month.
Under their influence the overall well-being is improved, there is an appetite, normal body weight, and increases the amount of yeast method of gastric juice and total acidity.

What is yeast?
Brewer’s yeast – a source of B vitamins and biologically complete proteins, which constitute more than 50% by weight of yeast. Such a good combination of vitamins and protein leads to improved metabolism and improve digestion of proteins from food.
In yeast, there are also fourteen vitamins – all the B vitamins, provitamin D, vitamin PP and others. Also found in the bottom of the full range of amino acids and enzymes – peptidase, fruktofuranozidaza, protease and glucosidase. Brewer’s yeast is rich in selenium and phosphorus.

The use of brewer’s yeast
Under the influence of yeast in patients with intestinal cramps disappear, leg cramps, burning sensation, improved sleep, and go distracted and irritable.
Present in the yeast amino acids and vitamins involved in hematopoiesis, allow scientists to use them to treat certain forms of anemia.
Under the action of yeast in the blood increases the total number of red and white blood cells, reduced appetite, eating disorders in the tissue removed. Stops hair loss.
Brewer’s yeast is also appointed in the treatment of chronic suppurative processes in the lung.
Under their influence, in patients with rapidly disappearing signs of intoxication, eliminated the phenomenon of malnutrition, increasing body weight, expectoration is less distinguished.
Professor of Blades back in 1943 used the yeast for the treatment of diabetes and found that 10-15 grams of brewer’s yeast substitute 7.10 units of insulin.
Brewer’s yeast is perfectly regulate carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. They are able to protect cell membranes from the effects of toxic products, that is, act as an antioxidant and immunnostimulyatora.
Of great importance they play in the gastrointestinal tract, in the structure and functions of its mucous membranes.
Yeast is also involved in the restoration and oxidative processes in the body.
They promote the proper functioning of the skin, improve tissue regeneration for cuts, wounds, preserve the structure and function of the mucous membranes.
Yeast – a great source of energy, so they are involved in energy processes.
With their help the body to better withstand emotional and physical stress due to the synthesis of chemical components of the brain, and corticosteroids.
They provide a normal muscle contraction, conducting nerve impulses and maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids within the body.
Brewer’s yeast is needed to maintain the functions of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as the pancreas.
They have a very positive effect on the hair, skin and nails, improve immunity, efficiency and normalize metabolic processes.
It is not surprising that many are taking brewer’s yeast, not only for the treatment of diseases, but also for the prevention and strengthen the body.

Doctors have determined how to sit at the computer

From childhood we are taught that sit at the table must necessarily directly, to avoid distorted spine, and back does not hurt. But British scientists have challenged this assertion is more useful to sit “lounging.” At least the computer.
According to their research, to sit while working at the computer more useful, relaxed and leaning back. And all because, according to British radiologists that straight posture while sitting can cause unnecessary stress and unnecessary strain on the spine. Because of this chronic pain can occur when the displacement of an intervertebral disc.
And the most comfortable position that will keep your spine healthy and – in a relaxed sit on a chair at an angle of 135 degrees. Uncomfortable, you might say. Perhaps, but such a pose, according to the researchers, the most physiological as opposed to straight or hunched back. In such a situation on the spinal discs are not under pressure, so they do not move. But, of course, the chair should be comfortable to be able to relax.
According to the head of research Wasim Bashir, “a situation in which the body is under the 135-degree angle – the most comfortable posture to sit a long time. – In office workers, schoolchildren and students an opportunity to prevent back problems by adjusting the position of the spine. Between so, according to statistics from the back pain of varying severity affects 80 percent of Britons, says MP.
“This posture – reclining, leaning on a 135 degrees – has long been known manual therapists and masseurs – commented on the doctor-kinizeterapevt, MD, Sergey Bubnovsky. – This is the so-called relaxation pose. It is often used during the massage shoulders and neck. If seat and back are still high, then you will inevitably fall asleep, if you try to work in such a position, because that’ll affect the relaxation terms in the cervical region. Although, of course, the back muscles in this position almost no strain.
But I would advise all the same work, sitting on a chair with a straight back, and every 40 minutes, at the very recline 135 degrees. Sit in this position a few minutes will be more useful than to stay the whole time. And so the muscles do not relax, take a five-minute charge for the back – stretch, cave, take a few are not sharp slopes. Then accurately and distracted, and muscle tone lead, and blood stagnant overclocking. That contribute to mental process. ”
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Strengthening of the gums

Everyone must have found himself in a situation where it
source caused a strong desire to stop to talk to a banal
reason – bad breath. Sometimes the person may not notice that he
breath smells unpleasant. The reason for this may be as sick gums and
gastro-intestinal tract.

If your gums can heal yourself, then do not advise the stomach. It should be examined. I helped a Chinese recipe, which consists of only natural ingredients. Take 6 tablespoons. l. dried sage leaves, 1 tbsp. l. dried rose petals, 2 tsp. clove (spice) 1 tsp. cinnamon and nutmeg. Crushed into powder, mix everything and add the honey until the dough.

After cleaning, lubricate the teeth of the gum paste. You can roll up small balls of paste and swallowed several times a day but not more than five times. At the same time you can restore the bacterial flora in the gut.

Technology of preparation of decoction, infusion and tincture for skin

For washing, you can use herbal teas and tinctures from plants. They are easy to prepare at home, but it is important to respect the right technology to prepare:

Preparation of the infusions and decoctions:
In an enamel saucepan, 1-2 tbsp. svezheizmelchennogo tablespoons dried material or boiled water, close lid and kept on low heat (without boiling) for 15 minutes of infusion and 30 minutes – the broth. Without removing the lid, allow to cool. After 40 minutes, strain through cheesecloth infusion, after 10-15 minutes – decoctions.

Try instead of water, pour the hot milk, herbal or milk, diluted by half with water (especially well suited for dry skin), infuse for 20-25 minutes, strain and store in a cool place. You get a great cleansing and nourishing lotion at the same time, the only drawback of which is the short shelf life – only 2-3 days.

As a rule, for the preparation of infusions using leaves, flowers and herbs. Broth is made from denser parts of plants that are difficult permeable to water (bark, root).
After straining the resulting liquid is stored for 3-4 days in a cool place. Use a glass or porcelain dish with a tight-fitting lid.

Preparation of infusion:
If you want to store vegetable remedy for a longer time, you can make a tincture. To do this, pour vodka plant material in a ratio (1:5) and kept in a dark place at room temperature for 2 weeks, shaking the jar several times a day. The liquid is then filtered through 2-3 layers of cheesecloth and store in a glass vessel.

Is there a safe tan?

According to dermatologists, tanning is a huge risk to your health. Thousands of Russian women at least once a week, visit a solarium. They want to look attractive, thanks to the smooth and beautiful tan even in winter. The aristocratic pallor no longer in vogue. And all this despite the fact that more and more scientists and experts warn about the dangers of ultraviolet radiation.

An even tan can turn south for many skin cancers. What other effects has a strong ultraviolet radiation, and what diseases can cause solarium? Approximately 160,000 tanning, in general, are in the tanning studios, hotels, swimming pools and fitness clubs. In each of these establishments in the text of the proposed services, we may see a line of “healthy tan.”

Yet, according to dermatologists, tanning is a huge risk to your health. If you select the wrong mode, or will be in the solarium for a few minutes longer than it can afford to your skin, the burn will not take long. In addition, when exposed to ultraviolet radiation on the human body, there is a strong weakening of the immune system, which is the main prerequisite for the occurrence of skin cancer.

Also, many studios are given the wrong advice, because workers are rarely able to tanning studios to determine the optimal dose of exposure. And if you do visit a solarium, be sure to ask for protective goggles, because the strong UV charge may cause conjunctivitis or opacities of lenses if you wear them. It is also preferable to use a vertical solarium. It is much more efficient and hygienic than the horizontal.

If you do not want to give up the possibility of taking such a “tan”, then you should definitely pay attention to the following guidelines:

- Be sure to wear goggles because the ultraviolet rays very harmful to your eyes

- Use the special stickers on the chest

- Sunbathing is best without makeup and do not use deodorant or perfume before going to the tanning salon. Cosmetics and perfume make the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet rays

- Do not go tanning more than 50 times a year – this is an absolute limit. That is the most optimal number of visits per week – 1 time

- To begin to inquire whether the regular use this solarium and how many times a day to disinfect

- And most important to choose the optimal mode and time of sunburn, so too does not hurt your skin. Also, do not forget that the body has some time to rest after such a charge of ultraviolet radiation.
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How to eat to lose weight, be healthy and beautiful?

“Knife and fork, we dig his own grave,” – said the Frenchman. But the Frenchman was not right – not as important as what is.

Why do we eat? In order to live. Share your thoughts with Neanderthal man – he will certainly share your point of view, and will respect you very much – well, genius, and only.

If we eat to live, it would not be eating it and not so much. Why do we eat, horrible, and why so many? Because it’s delicious! When we were savages, all that was delicious, then – and useful. But the progress of science has not bypassed the food industry, and we eat almost poison, and get pleasure.

But why so much? For modern man the food serves two functions: first, we take food for fun, when we go to the movies, the theater, watch television, read a detective story. We have variety of food, season with its variety of spices and seasonings, are trying to diversify the environment in which it consume: food at a party, meal in a restaurant, eating outdoors, eating by candlelight. There is a prestigious food that we are trying to eat (or drink) at someone’s eyes – so jealous.

For some people, food is becoming a cult, some of it fall into dependence. And for most of us it is more or less, and has elements of worship and dependence. The first step towards a healthy diet – is to realize that we are abusing food. Just like some of the abuse of alcohol, nicotine, drugs, sex, gambling, etc. etc. Abuse can be anything that is fun (at least in the beginning). Many, such as abusing the internet (but it’s a plot for another novel.)

Well, what about this business tie? Quit – scary, but suddenly die of hunger somewhere. But it was thrown right. As the long-term experience of psychologists who work with all kinds of addictions, abruptly quit – the most optimal form of termination, whether it be drug or unrequited love.

Well, now the fun part: how to use this very effective method – a sharp cast, in the case of abuse of food, it really is going to die if you quit. And here and there! If you throw the mind, on the contrary become healthy and beautiful, and you will be sexually active to 120 years old.

Throwing should not all but only those product categories that are not needed or even harmful. Success here depends on three factors.

First, you need not to reduce, and throw it!

Secondly, the attitude has to be completely analogous to the mood of a man throwing a drink or smoke – the determination to endure the initial discomfort and, in spite of everything, to succeed.

Thirdly, you need to know exactly what products can and should get rid of, and which not. This, I think I can help you to understand.

I studied the results of research conducted mainly English-speaking professionals: scientists, nutritionists and other doctors, in general, those who knows – what to eat, but from what should be abandoned. According to the results of this study, I broke all the products into three groups according to the following principle:

A. Products, the use of which there is no doubt (eg, fruits and vegetables).

Two. Products for which opinions differ (eg, products of animal origin: meat, milk, etc.).

Three. Foods that are considered harmful or, at least, are useless (sugar, white flour).

Today we will talk about the band number 3, as it was with this group will need to engage. It is important to note that control the amount of food consumed is not required. Overeating, of course, it is not necessary, but if you have removed or harmful waste products from your diet and you lose weight and get healthier.

Sugar. There are different interpretations of essentially the same opinion. Some call the sugar – “white death”, others – “sweet death” and the third – the “slow death”.

In recent statements, I do not agree: just ask any diabetic. Diabetes, which can be called disease of the century, it is most likely to occur from the misuse of sugar and other easily decomposable carbohydrates, such, for example, starch. Its decomposition begins in the mouth.

Diabetes affects approximately 7% of the population, another 15% have preddiabeticheskoe state, and most of them do not even realize.

The problem is that sugar and starch vsasyvyutsya very quickly, getting into the bloodstream and causing a storm of insulin, which then rapidly subsides. Thus, the system is incapacitated insulin response.

Sugar and starch are contraindicated for people with any neurological and psychiatric disorders. This is especially true of people with emotional disorders (manic-depressive, borderline syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, Dessima). Is there something useful in sugar? Nothing, zero.

Salt, which is blamed on the fact we need. The truth is 15 times lower than the average person it consumes. Let’s say you ate at a restaurant or at a party, eat pickles and sauerkraut, and more than enough. In general, the smaller the better. And if we were talking about salt, the sea – the best, this is actually a set of salt, while sodium chloride, sodium chloride only. Conclusion: forget about the salt, and sea consume in moderation.

But let us return back to our sheep. Refined sugar (this is the correct name of what we call a “sugar”) does not contain anything: neither vitamins nor minerals. Molasses – waste of sugar processing just contains minerals and vitamins.

Sugar feeds the bacteria, and, incidentally, is not the best of them. For example, in the mouth feed on sugar Streptococcus mutans bacteria and the like, waste of life which is an acid that destroys tooth enamel. Almost all diseases of the oral cavity are bacterial in nature. And they eat the bacteria just carbohydrates: sugars and starches – their favorite foods. By the way, in addition to acids, they still emit gases that are known to be not very pleasant smell.

The second most harmful product after sugar – starch. Again, the most harmful of its shape – refined – white flour, or rather all of it done. By the way, white rice (as opposed to brown) also fall into this category. No vitamins or minerals – pure calories.

It should be noted that the abuse of carbohydrates leads to dysbacteriosis – change bowel flora, which in turn leads to quite a number of undesirable consequences, but the detail about this another time.

There are carbohydrates, which is very desirable not to get involved (potatoes, wholemeal bread, brown rice). But we are not talking about it, but about which products should generally be avoided. For example:

confectionery – candy, cakes, ice cream, etc.;
pastries – muffins, pizza, cakes, etc.;
white rice.
I should note that while we were discussing various harmful products that people poison themselves, scientists have come up with new, more effective poisons, which are conveniently placed on supermarket shelves. They are located in the central part of the store, away from the refrigerator and freezer. Packing them, I must say, very pleasant, promising a quiet, intimate pleasure, and they are called – of processed foods. They contain a number of ingredients, which is something we need to know.

First, they often do not sweeten with sugar and corn syrup. The world is relative: Corn syrup is faster than refined sugar, but more slowly than strychnine.

A bottle of Pepsi-Cola dropped from the tenth floor, and fallen right on the head, will cause less damage than drunk. So, throw it in the garbage disposal.

Well, that is useful in the industrially processed foods? Little or nothing. Enzymes have left them at the very beginning of the refining process, but to its left end, and vitamins. Omega-3 there was never, as the ingredients have been produced by industrial agriculture, and contain little useful (and a lot of harm) before the industrial processing. The manufacturer can sometimes add vitamins to brag about it, there is – on the packaging. But vitamins are usually one of those who need us the least, so do not be fooled.

But the product must be tasty, look and smell good, and thus preserved for a long time. If you try this “delicacy” somewhere in the middle of its industrial processing, you will not want to eat it, and even naoborot.Chtob this from happening, add corn to it poison (sorry – syrup), artificial colorings and flavorings (sometimes natural drop , then to write about it on the package, so you do not come as a shock), and of course preservatives. The latter add a little, but enough to kill all bacteria in one bag with the product well, and in the next, just in case, too. The bacteria is because of what products are perishable, but they are living beings like us, so that’s what kills them, we are also unlikely to be useful.

Trans-fats (which are the degree of toxicity can be put to the same location as the corn syrup, if not higher) are formed naturally during the industrial processing of natural fats. However, make sure you take your dose, they also added in the form of partially hydrogenated oils (there is nothing to do strychnine).

Salt does not put a spare, because it is delicious.

Moral of the story: no matter how useful was the original product, the raspolezny vegetable, if it was an intensive industrial processing, we have not entertained them, even our political opponents, as we have a sense of compassion.

Now about the mental attitude. If it is difficult to imagine the rest of his life without any let harmful, but the hot favorite foods, wrap with a contract. Eat these foods as a normal person (non-alcoholic) consumed alcohol – 150 grams for the holidays. If you manage to limit yourself that way – well, if not (every day a holiday) – tie completely, at least for a certain period, say one year.

And finally: I do not know of any state, any illness, chronic or not, in which the above-mentioned diet would be contraindicated. But as they say in such cases: consult a doctor.
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